Friday, October 23, 2009

Resurrection Mary by Jeff Davis

As a companion piece to the one below, I chose this story as it had similar elements to the roadside ghost. Resurrection Mary is a very famous ghost in the Chicago area. She is often sighted along  a stretch of road called Archer Avenue, usually in cold weather and often during snowstorms. She is clad in a party dress and she often seems to by flagging the cars down for a ride. According to the legend, if a person does stop and pick her up, she will get in the car and tell them to drive her home. She gives the address, which the driver soon discovers is  the Resurrection Cemetery, a few miles away. Upon arrival, she will thank the driver, get out of the car and  literally pass through the gates and into the cemetery. But not without one more look behind, as if to say goodbye.


  1. Um... I need both of these for my Halloween Decoration collection... just sayin'.

  2. Hi how would I contact the artist about buying a print of this.